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Payment Options

By offering a variety of payment options, we have a payment plan for everyone. In addition to accepting checks in the mail and cash, checks, or credit cards in the office, we have several plans available for your convenience.

You can also log in and view your account. Before you can view your account or make online payments, you must call us to register so that we can provide you with your Customer ID and Password. You can change your initial password by selecting the “Change Password” button at the bottom of your account screen.

Once in your account, you can check your balance, look at the last 20 transactions, see your tank information and make a payment with your credit card or through your bank account.

If you are already a customer, contact us to receive your Customer ID and Password at 636-1600 today!

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  • Complete a Payment Authorization Form asking us to automatically charge your credit card or bank account each time an invoice is generated.  Call now!
  • Sign up for our Budget Payment Plan, where you pay an equal amount every month to spread the cost of high winter usage over time.  Call for details!

Our payment terms are Net 10 and we charge a finance charge and may stop service if we haven’t received payment within 30 days; but with all of these easy payment plans, there is a convenient option that will work for everyone!